Ready to permanently
heal lifelong food
and weight problems?

Do you sense there is a deeper reason behind your
food sensitivities, emotional eating, or weight struggles

Are you ready to address the spiritual and emotional root causes,
but don't know where to start?

FOOD WITHOUT FEAR is a spiritual approach
to healing food and weight problems.

Does this sound like you?

  • "I’ve tried countless diets, but I can't maintain my weight. I don’t have enough willpower."
  • "My food sensitivities and restrictions create so much anxiety and limitation. So many foods cause me digestive distress."
  • "I’m preoccupied with food: I think about it all the time. I just want to eat normally."
  • "I constantly count calories, points, and track my weight. I feel trapped, but I need this control."

  • "The idea of accepting my body terrifies me. I want to have self-love and inner peace, but I also want to control my body size... I can't win."

If you have similar thoughts, FOOD WITHOUT FEAR
gives you the path to food freedom.

You’ll be able to eat what you love AND love your body.

The best part? No restrictive food rules or “falling off the wagon” ever again!

In the Food without Fear Program, you'll learn to...

… stop eating when you’re full, and no longer feel the need to keep stuffing yourself.

… eat your favorite foods without guilt, shame, or fear of binging.

… reintroduce foods, enjoying variety and freedom in your food choices.

…eat with complete freedom from counting and tracking your food.

AND you’ll be at peace with your weight without obsessing over a number on the scale.

The Food without Fear Philosophy

You can't solve a food problem with food, and you can't solve a body image problem by changing your body. You can't solve a problem with the same consciousness that created it.

To heal lifelong food and weight problems, we must work at the spiritual, emotional, and subconscious levels.

Meet Your Coach!

I’m Lauren Geertsen, a Body Connection Coach, author and intuitive. I'm the creator of, a holistic health website that has supported over 40 million readers.

Women find my Food Without Fear Program when they're ready for
the spiritual transformation necessary to heal food and weight problems.

In my previous work as a nutritional therapist, I could only get my clients so far with food and supplement protocols.

The real problem was a distrust of their bodies and disconnection from their intuition in multiple areas of their life.

 Now, I help women like you solve those problems at a spiritual level, so food and weight struggles disappear.


Willpower alone can’t instill new habits around lifelong food and weight problems. These “magic ingredients” catalyze subconscious, spiritual, and emotional shifts.


4 TEACHING MODULES with 10+ hours of lectures provide the foundation for your radical new approach to food.


HYPNOTHERAPY changes your subconscious mind, effortlessly shifting unhealthy eating patterns


EFT (EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE) releases trauma and self-sabotage patterns around food

Change your subconscious mind to overcome patterns of self-sabotage.


WEEKLY WORKSHEETS invite self-reflection and a deeper-dive into course materials.


GUIDED VISUALIZATIONS AND ENERGY ATTUNEMENTS support subconscious rewiring and emotional release



Permanent access to all the teaching materials and online platform.

What Clients Say:

Before joining Lauren’s program, I was in constant battle against my body. From dieting to restricting to punishing with negative self talk and criticism – my life was consumed with beating myself up over my body and my food choices. This program was a true balm to my soul.

I am recommending this to every woman I know, and especially mothers of daughters. We get to end the food and body shame cycles with our own body awareness! That is so exciting and powerful to me.  - Kristen W.


I'd like to repeat how miraculous it is that I found your Food Without Fear program when I did. It had gotten so bad there were times I just didn't want to live anymore. I have begun to see my life as possible once more. Working with you, I’m shifting and get back in touch with my True Self in order to live again. 

I now know I am capable and worthy of feeling better, but it is on me to take the steps to heal. Another positive outcome of the program is that I am feeling more confident sexually. My husband is so happy.  - G.M.


I am lost for words to describe how grateful I am for Lauren’s program. I 100% have more freedom to just be me and the self-love to listen to my truth. I am a work in progress but the tools that I have been provided from the course will help me continue to break the chains of the programming I have received.

Additionally, I now have clarity and permission to envision my ideal life! The food fears I had were stopping me from believing that I am deserving of this ideal life. Wow! It only took 8 weeks to get this sense of freedom. Thank you Lauren from the depths of heart. I’m excited for what comes next in this beautiful life I am gifted!!!  - Sara E.


Thank you for creating such a unique and holistic program that really goes beyond food and addresses the cultural, emotional and psychological issues at play when it come to our eating habits. It’s not really just about food but our relationships with ourselves, our bodies and our environment.

I’m really glad I did your program and got the kind of clarity I needed to move forward in other areas of my life too which was a bonus. There really isn’t anyone else out there doing what you’re doing! – Nina M.


I can think of many women in my life who I’m going to recommend take Lauren’s course. It’s not only a course about food issues, it’s so much deeper than food. If you’re looking to heal from your childhood, if you’re looking to heal your current relationships, this course will unlock that.

Lauren uses multifaceted tools and techniques, all of which I loved and will continue to use after the course is “completed.” She provided me healing work I can use throughout my life. – Tara B.


I came in thinking the course would be interesting and give me some practical tips on how to accept my body size. What I came away with was a profound shift into radical self love and appreciation. The lectures, the visualizations, the practicesall of these things taught me that my body and my purpose are interwoven.

I am better able to truly live in body acceptance and joy and be an example to my young daughter. I am able to better connect with my husband sexually. I am able to feel pride at how I “fit” in the world and in my clothes exactly as I am. I am finally free. Free to be my body’s advocate, her companion, and her best friend.  - Susan T.


I don’t know if I can fully describe in words how amazing this program has been! I feel like all the chains have been set free! I have never been in an institutional prison before, so I thought, until going through this program I realized I was holding myself in one. 

Lauren taught me, through her intuitive insight, that I have the power and skill within me to break free! I feel so alive, so free! - Madelyn L. 

Time To Out Of Your Own Way!

Food and weight issues aren't blocking your best health, love life, sex life or career... your subconscious mind is.

Food and weight problems are a subconscious way to stay small and remain in your comfort zone.

Food without Fear provides a spiritual toolkit to get out of your own way. That's why clients in this program often: 

  • Initiate monumental career changes that previously felt too scary
  • Break lifelong patterns of codependency and self-neglect
  • Achieve new heights of sexual healing and uninhibited pleasure
  • Implement clear boundaries in work and family life, creating more peace and security
  • Harness their previously-overlooked intuitive skills towards their career

*Program results vary depending on each client and the time, energy, and focus invested. If you use the tools and techniques provided in the program, however, profound transformation is a typical result. 


Are Your Food Problems Actually Spiritual Problems?

Is Food Without Fear is a perfect fit for you? Watch this video to understand the root problems of your food struggles.

Food without Fear Program Syllabus

You'll get access to a teaching platform where new learning materials and subconscious-shifting tools are available each week.

WEEK 1: Leap of Faith

  • Establish intuitive communication with your Higher Self 
  • Use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to heal your relationship with food
  • Learn the secret message behind chronic food sensitivities and digestive problems
  • Learn how to heal your metabolism after serial dieting

WEEK 2: Pleasure

  • Clear fear-based beliefs and associations around food
  • Program your subconscious for intuitive eating habits
  • Meet your Pleasure Avatar (you will be delighted!)
  • Use hypnotherapy to effortlessly resolve food struggles
  • Learn how food/weight struggles are The Call to your spiritual growth

WEEK 3:  Communication and Relationships

  • Reclaim your intuitive gifts by shifting from a Body Ownership to a Body Partnerships
  • Create your Body Marriage Vows to heal the relationship with your body
  • Identify and release your “Secret Food Rules”
  • Process and release limiting "body beliefs" using a 5-step approach

WEEK 4: Food is a Mirror

  • Recognize dynamics which lead to coping/controlling behaviors with food 
  • Learn a liberating new paradigm around trauma
  • Move beyond fear of judgement into radical freedom (and joy!)
  • Access your Sacred Body Contract with a powerful energetic technique


  • Learn the spiritual warfare tactics behind the beauty and diet industry
  • Learn a simple 10-minute practice to listen to your body's messages


For centuries, women have been at war with food and our bodies. We’ve passed the self-inflicted pain down to each next generation.

But you can be the cycle-breaker!

You can heal your relationship with food, and finally experience an abundant, beautiful life.

You can open the doors of your life to more freedom, ease, and delight.

Are you ready to crumble the walls of your fear, shame, and pain? Are you ready to let your heart and soul expand?

Are you ready to discover who YOU are, when you’re no longer living in fear?

It's time to say goodbye to restrictive food rules, eating anxiety, and weight struggles.

After Food without Fear, you'll find freedom and joy in eating.
And you'll feel CONFIDENT and COMFORTABLE in your body!


This program is self-led. Each week, you will get access to a new teaching module with program materials.

4-Week Self Study Course

  • 4 weeks of teaching modules and worksheets
  • 10+ hours of Lauren's lectures
  • Hypnotherapy for intuitive eating
  • Brain-rewiring techniques
  • Lifetime access

Program cost - $395

Curious about the program and want to learn more? Watch my video, "3 Steps to Spiritually Heal Food and Weight Problems"

Got Questions?

What if I'm already familiar with intuitive eating?

Intuitive eating is just one aspect of this comprehensive spiritual program. So even if you've read all the anti-diet books, this program will blow your mind and transform your life.

Will I have access to the materials after the 4 weeks?

Yes! You get lifetime access to the program materials and the group calls.

Is there a refund policy?

This program comes with a 35-day Money Back Guarantee IF you show you've completed all the program assignments. This includes the completed worksheets, Letters from Your Body, completed Secret Food Rules, and completed Hypnotherapy chart. This program works if you do the work! Contact

Is this a group course or a self-led program?

I used to offer FOOD WITHOUT FEAR as a group course with live calls. I am no longer able to offer that, but I wanted to keep the program available.

Now, FOOD WITHOUT FEAR is a 4-week self-led course. You will have access to a new module with learning material and class recordings each week.

How much time does it take?

Plan on spending 5 - 6 hours per week learning and practicing the materials.  

This program not a "magic bullet." It provides the tools for profound spiritual transformation, and it's up to you to use those tools!

More Praise From Clients

I started this program for tremendously restricting food sensitivities, hoping to find some freedom and trust my body again.  I found them, but it had a lot less to do with food than I ever imagined.

This program is transformative, and difficult.  I had to be completely honest with myself and really examine my true self, my motives, my beliefs.  But it helped me develop a new sense of self compassion and trust, renewing my motivation and passion.  I started art classes and even finally applied for a new job!  It’s not just about finding freedom with food, it’s about finding freedom in life." - Christina B.


"I feel so calm. I haven’t felt this calm… since I cannot even remember when. I don’t think there was a time in my adult life that I’ve felt this calm. It’s been everything together in this program.

I like where I’m at right now. I like ME! I wouldn’t have been able to say this before starting the program. It’s been amazing, thank you." - Claudia O.


"I don't think I can do the Food Without Fear program justice with my words. It is powerful and deep. The program isn't just focused on food, it goes much deeper than that. The program helps us recognize our subconscious problems and how to listen to our bodies, and provides tools to assist in our healing journey. 

Lauren is a gentle soul and a wonderful, supportive coach. I cannot recommend this program highly enough. There isn't anything else like it out there." - M.G.


"The support, learning, writing, exploring and reflecting these past weeks have been invaluable. Thank you Lauren for offering such a comprehensive and meaningful program. Your insights, support, compassion, and creative ways to challenge my beliefs and patterns are all much appreciated.

Uncomfortable at times...yes...but very much needed. Your approach has helped me to start developing a much healthier relationship with myself and to let my True Self start to step forward." - J.S.


"I want to thank you for this course. I will continue to work with all of the aspects of the program. It has been challenging work to face this shadow side and the reasons my disordered eating and self body shaming developed. But it has been the most important work. Much gratitude to you, Lauren." S.C. 


"Thank you Lauren for such a wonderful support to make the successful shift to intuitive eating! The unique aspect of this program is the muti-modal approach to the process, including guided visualizations, EFT, hypnotherapy, writing prompts, lectures, and more! 

This work is the platform for a deepened body-centered approach to life beyond just food. Intuitive eating can be a leap of faith, so having a luminary who knows the way can make all of the difference . . . and she did!"  Debby P.


"Thank you Lauren for creating such a powerful course, and giving me SO MUCH to work with.

I feel that I’ll be working with this material for months to come. I appreciate all the love, thoughtfulness and radical revolutionary fusion of healing magic that you've put together here!" - Haley W.


"I came to this program because I was struggling to communicate with my daughter regarding food. It opened my eyes to the several layers that food means to us, and through the many amazing techniques, it helped me to gain more clarity and eased the tension between us, which was the primary goal anyway.

Lauren is extremely perceptive, kind, non-judgmental, and super smart. Highly recommend this program to anyone who’s ready for the next step!" - S. V.


"I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into when I signed up, but I felt certain that it was what my spirit needed. The course far exceeded my expectations and I’m so grateful that I committed myself to the journey. Lauren is a truly gifted intuitive and has created a program that intentionally takes the student through an intense but lovingly supported paradigm shifting experience.

This course is about so much more than food. It’s about a reclamation of your soul and an opening up to a more meaningful and connected life, free of conditioning and constraints. Regardless of where you are on your journey, if you want to go deeper and find freedom and liberation from all that is holding you back, I highly recommend you take this course." - Erin Y.


"Lauren has truly transformational powers. I’m so grateful to have taken the Food Without Fear Program. I walked in hoping for one thing and walked out experiencing so many other things, better things. I now trust Lauren to know what's good for me even before I do!

I never imagined I'd be defining and fulfilling my life's purpose and personal value out of this course. It’s been an extraordinary experience thank you so much.” - Sharni K.


"This program has helped me form a deep and accepting and gentle relationship with my body.  There’s a vital and thriving connection now that was missing for so long; her voice was being suppressed- and often ignored- while I tried to find the answers that I thought would ‘fix’ me.

In the first week alone I had so many breakthroughs- growing awareness and sense of self, a clarity on events of the past.  Every week that followed was a flood of doors opening up inside me, with all these deep truths and revelations just pouring out.

While the learning and growing continues, so does the healing, filling the sacred space inside me that was revealed when I finally accepted and listened to the voices of body, mind and soul together." - Elizabeth K.


"This program is not for the faint of heart! However, if you are ready to create root changes in your life,  transform the way you think about your body, how you relate to food, and embrace radical self-responsibility, this is the course for you. 

I know that the growth I've experienced and the wisdom I've gained in Food without Fear will continue to reverberate in the weeks, months, and for years to come. Gather your courage and take the leap!" - Lynn S.


"I feel a spiritual awakening happening. I have been seeking after my divine potential and I’m excited to release more false beliefs and patterns and to reach my higher potential!

You are a part of healing and answers to multiple prayers I have had continuing for many years. I’m grateful I followed the prompting to take your class. It’s resonating so strongly with me on so many levels!" – Heather W.


"Food without Fear is a powerful program. The space she holds for women making quantum leaps in their lives is incredibly inspirational. I am beyond appreciative. I wouldn’t have predicted all the goodness that has flowed into my life since entering Lauren’s program.

I see the new possibilities ahead on the horizon and I am beyond excited; things I couldn’t have dreamed for myself before this program. Not only will this program help you with your health, it will support your thriving and sustained wellness in the totality of life." – Genevieve B.


"If you think this program will be about food, you will be very surprised. Lauren took me on the path of self discovery and self compassion. It is amazing to discover how our relationship with food is only a reflection of deeper issues in our life and how much power we have to create the life we want to live. Thank you Lauren!"  - Ada T.


"I was very excited about the variety of methods used to create the opportunity for self discovery and learning, and even more impressed to find them all in one program. This class was exactly what I was looking for!" Jessica D.


"[This program] was such a huge help for me, especially to learn about the Central Nervous System and how my behaviors were adding to my issues. You are such an amazing listener. You helped me sort out my own thoughts which helped me have a healthier relationship with food. It is with utmost thanks and gratefulness I write this." – Amy G.


"My work with Lauren was one of the best investments I’ve made in myself over the past year.  We touched upon multiple areas of growth relating to authenticity, sexuality, money, and body confidence. Months later, I still think about what we discussed and refer back to my notes".  – Melissa B.


"I recommend Lauren's Food without Fear program. It's an unconventional approach and changed the way I see food. It helped me see my body in a positive light, not as a machine but as a partner who collaborates with me so I enjoy life more every day. Lauren is thoughtful and cares very much about everyone in the program. Thank you Lauren."  – Lourdes M.


"This course is opening up my intuitive capacities that were repressed with my food issues. I’ve had SO much psychic stuff come through since I began this course -- it's been a huge moment of connection with Source/Spirit /Guides or whatever you want to call it." - Nicola W.


"When you can't go any further on your own, this program helps you find out who you really are, and who you can be without food holding you in its grip. Truly enlightening!" - Peggy D.


"The amount of self-love I cultivated for myself in this program was nothing short of amazing. The process wasn't always easy but well worth it. My experience was truly transformative." - Miranda K.


"Lauren’s program is nothing short of a divinely appointed gift. The modules for each section are beautiful and affirmative for me (and likely every woman who has ever felt distanced from or victimized by her body). My spirit and body experienced true connection through the workbook, and I am finding myself working with it again and again for deeper connection to myself and my innate body wisdom.

The program, the meditations and exercises, and Lauren’s energy together alchemize healing in ways that words cannot express, but each person will experience at a deep soul level." - K.W.

As with any wellness program, your results with the Food without Fear Program may vary from clients' testimonials. Results are based on many variables, such as your level of effort, time investment, health status, and willingness to show up for self growth. Since these factors differ for each individual, I cannot guarantee your results. Food without Fear is not a "magic pill solution." I provide tools for spiritual transformation, and it's up to you to put the tools to use.

Neither Lauren, as the coach, nor the Food without Fear program offers medical advice. No statements about or within the program have been evaluated by the FDA, and the program is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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